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Hey there!!
Man it is sure hot out there!!!! 100 degrees in the darn shade!!! AND Summer is just getting started!  Had a young man take a guide trip on Lake Fayette and I must say.... even though it was HOT...the fish were biting!!! I count on a little cloud cover to let me know where I need to be on the lake, I also take note of the wind factor.  I will address all that in a later blog, this one is for Dylan who really reeled in some nice hogs on Lake Fayette.  Here's a pic.

Great Guide Trip

Hello Everyone!  Today I had the pleasure of taking a trio of guys that really made the guide trip seem like a guys day out on the lake fishing!!  Jerimey, Jay and Aaron are a great group of guys who booked a guided trip for Lake Fayette this morning and as we started out, it was a pretty nice morning.  The fishing was good, could have been better but they caught quite a bit of fish and got lots of great pictures.  The banter back and forth between this group of friends was very refreshing and made for an enjoyable day!

Surprise, Surprise!!

Hello All!
Just wanted to take a moment to let ya'll in on how our guided trip went today!  I took a customer out to Lake Fayette and we boated over 50 bass!!! It was amazing!!! Great day for fishing, a little windy but got on some good spots out of the wind and got down to business.  So here's the surprise.... Luis, my customer, gets a bite on his line... line is humming, we are so excited thinking we have a big one..bass that is... we actually felt like we were on Wicked Tuna!

Bass Fishing Fayette County Lake

I want to first thank you for stopping by and checking out my Fayette County Fishing blog.  On this blog I will keep you updated on the bass fishing reports for Lake Fayette and share some pointers on having a successful fishing trip to Fayette County! 
Be sure and check back for updates regularly and if you have any questions, comments or a guided trip, please feel free to send us a comment on our Comment page on the website.www.rickdentonguideservice.com     Don't forget to sign our Guest Book!
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